Congratulations Dex, You’ve been accepted as your first choice, Harry Styles Connor Salem. Please send the account in within 48 hours or your role will be reopened.


AGE: 22
ACTIVITY: I’m on every single day for hours on end. I do work during the week but I’m always on after and on weekends a lot more.
OTHER BLOGS: just the one i’m sending this from


SECOND CHOICE?  Luke Winters

I did want to change a few things so I think i’ll just list the bio and secrets part again? because I don’t mind his connections, that’s all fine with me. There are just some parts in the bio and secrets that I’d find uncomfortable to play. But I do like his character in some of the bullet points. I hope these are all ok.


  • Was born in Virginia, he moved to Salem three months ago.
  • His parents were always off on big trips growing up, and when they were home they were often too busy to talk to or deal with Connor.
  • Has a black belt in karate
  • Is a total douche when he isn’t in a good mood,
  • He often says things without thinking, which makes people think he’s rude.
  • He took up kickboxing to get all his anger and frustrations out so that he wouldn’t take it out on the people he cares about as he isn’t such a bad guy underneath the act he puts up. He’s just scared to show his softer and nice side in case he gets hurt.
  • He makes jokes a lot, often at someone elses expense.
  • He found his parents dead in their living room with a note saying that he was next. Out of fear he dug into their savings and made his way to Salem.
  • When he gets angry, he tries to keep it all bottled up but if people keep pushing his buttons he takes it out on them and they mostly don’t have a happy ending.
  • Joined the Williams because he was sure that if he didn’t he would get himself or someone he cared about hurt.
  • Back in Virginia, he was known to get into fights at school, making one kid end up in the hospital after receiving a severe beating from him which got him kicked out of school and receive a criminal record. The kid died of severe brain damage a few days after.
  • What people don’t know is that he’s actually a kind and sweet soul but with everything that happened to him in the past, rebelling against his parents for not letting him do what he wanted to do, his parents death…It all shaped him and scarred him which resulted in him putting on a mask, not letting many people see the real him.



ANYTHING ELSE?: I hope that it’s ok that I changed some of the bio points and secrets because some just weren’t what I would be comfortable with rping but I do like the idea of the troubled kid so I kept some in there. Got a little carried away with the para sample. [It's fine, darling!]